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Temporary Road Closure - B4337 Llanybydder

Further information on this can be found on the Temporary Road Closure page.

Public Notice

For information on Storm Callum please visit the Storm Callum page.


Following the recent success of the Tour of Britain coming to Carmarthenshire, we want to continue to support, promote and offer local communities with cycling opportunities.

‘Back on your bike’ is a community based cycling scheme that enables adults to ride, regardless of their age, ability or cycling experience. Actif will work in partnership with local town and community councils to provide cycling opportunities and promote a healthier lifestyle. Town and community councils will need to be responsible for the storage of the bikes, delivery of sessions and collecting data for Actif.

The offer will include:

  • Loan of electric and pedal bikes for 8 weeks
  • 1 ride leader course for volunteer
  • Mentoring from Active adult Officers
  • Signposting from the Actif Communities social media platform
  • Support and advice for seeking funding

If you feel that your town and community would benefit from this opportunity, please fill out the Town and Community Cycling Project survey to register your interest by 15/10/2021.

Enjoy a tasty selection of produce and crafts developed locally in the Cambrian Mountains.

Have you ever given blood before?

The Welsh Blood Service is calling on residents of the Llanybydder area to start saving lives!

The next blood donation clinic in your area is on October 5th.

Visit Welsh Blood Service website to book a lifesaving donation.

One Donation Saves 3 Lives poster

Seeking ideas...

Following on from consultation of the area there is money available for capital and revenue costs to develop your town.

For further information please visit the Llanybydder Economic Recovery and Growth Plan website.

Email your ideas to limorris@carmarthenshire.gov.uk.

Facebook Scam poster

Dyfed Powys Police would like to remind people to be careful when selling or buying items on Facebook Marketplace and not fall for the tricks used by criminals to scam people out of money.

Facebook Marketplace Scam

A request has been received for the temporary road closure of the C2052 Llanybydder, from its junction with the U4142 for a total distance of 198 metres in a north-westerly direction.

The closure is necessary to ensure public safety whilst MJQuinn carry out urgent poling works from 0900 hours Monday 27th September, 2021 for a period of 5 days.

The alternative route for south-east bound traffic will be to proceed in a north-westerly direction along the C2052, passing Bryn Rhosyn, Bryngwyn Farm, Cysgod and Angorfa to its junction with the B4337. At the junction, turn right and continue in a south-easterly direction along the B4337, passing Bro Duar and Rhydybont Chapel to its junction with the U4124. At the junction, turn right and continue in a south-westerly direction along the U4124, passing Bryn-llo-fawr, Bryn Bedw and Waun to return to a point south-east of the closure. Vice Versa for north-west bound traffic.

Temporary Road Closure Map

A request has been received for the temporary closure of the A485 from its junction with the Carmarthen to Abergwili A40 for a distance of approximately 17 miles in a northerly direction, that is, as far as Llanybydder and also the B4337 towards Bridge Street, Llanybydder for a total distance of 295 metres in a north-westerly direction.

The closures will apply intermittently and will continue in force until the transportation of Wind Turbine components along each length of road have been completed. It is anticipated that the transportation of these components will commence on Friday 17th September, 2021.

The road closures will be carried out by the Police and/or attendants appointed pursuant the Road Vehicles (Authorised of Special Types) (General) Order 2003 and will be on a rolling basis. It is not anticipated that sections along each length of road will be closed for periods of in excess of 10 minutes.

The alternative route for north-east bound traffic from a point south of the closure will be to proceed along the A485 in a north easterly direction to its junction with the B4337. At the junction, turn left and proceed in a north-westerly direction along the B4337 Bridge Street to return to a point north-west of the closure.

Vice versa for south west bound traffic.

Map showing route of temporary road closure on the a485 between abergwili and llanybydder

Interactive Public Rights of Way Map (Carmarthenshire County Council)

You can use the drop-down menu to display the various public rights of way, and you can click on them to get their individual numbers. You can then reference them against the Statements in the Llanybydder Public Rights of Way Information document below.

Llanybydder Public Rights of Way Information

The Mid and South West Wales Community Cohesion team are pleased to launch a Small Grants Fund for Community Groups to develop project based work which enhances or encourages Community Cohesion. Please below the funding brief and application form.

Please send completed forms to Sarah Bowen at slbowen@carmarthenshire.gov.uk by 31st August at 12pm.

If you would like an information conversation about the fund, please contact either:

Kay Howells - klhowells@carmarthenshire.gov.uk
Sarah Bowen - slbowen@carmarthenshire.gov.uk
Paul Davies - padavies@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

This is a brief summary of how our two Wards, Llanybydder & Rhydcymerau coped during the recent Covid-19 pandemic from about March 2020 to date.

How Llanybydder & Rhydcymerau coped during COVID Pandemic

Details of virtual meeting held for the Ten Towns Economic Growth Plan for Llanybydder.

Please visit the Llanybydder - Economic Recovery & Growth Plan website for further details and to leave feedback.

Residents at risk of being scammed over COVID-19 vaccine.

Dyfed Powys Police Economic Crime Team has become aware that criminals have been sending texts and emails attempting to lure people to apply for the COVID-19 vaccine.

DC Gareth Jordan, from the Cyber Crime Unit, said: “The text is made to look like it comes from the NHS and states ‘we have identified that you are eligible to apply for your vaccine’ and advises you to follow a link to get more information and ‘apply’.”

“If you follow the link, you are taken to a convincing looking, but fake NHS website that asks for your personal details."

“After entering your details, it then requests bank/card details to ‘check your identity’.”

“But as with all scams, if you look a little closer, you will see it is not real. In this instance, note the URL is not www.nhs.uk."

NHS Scam 01 NHS Scam 02 NHS Scam 03

“As multiple vaccines are now being approved for use in the UK, these types of fraud attempts will continue as criminals look to take advantage of the vaccine roll out."

“It’s not only texts, beware of cold calls and emails regarding the vaccine as scammers are also asking people to pay for it over the phone. Remember – the vaccine is free of charge and there is no way to jump the queue by paying for a ‘priority slot’."

“If you receive one of these calls, hang up and block the number."

“If you have received an email, which you are not quite sure about, forward it to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS) at report@phishing.gov.uk."

“Suspicious text messages should be forwarded to 7726. This free-of-charge short code enables your provider to investigate the origin of the text and take action, if found to be malicious.”


  • Stop: Take a moment to think before parting with your money or information - it could keep you safe.
  • Challenge: Could it be fake? It’s ok to reject, refuse or ignore any requests. Only criminals will try to rush or panic you.
  • Protect: Contact your bank immediately if you think you’ve fallen victim to a scam and report it to the Police.
  • Remember – The NHS, The police, or your bank, will never ask you to withdraw money or transfer it to a different account. They will also never ask you to reveal your full banking password or PIN.

Do not click on links or attachments in unexpected or suspicious texts or emails.

Confirm requests are genuine by using a known number or email address to contact organisations directly.

Always check the URL of a website.

Scammers are trying to trick people regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine.

The NHS don’t need your bank details and won’t ask for them in an email or text.

One Voice Wales and Save a Life Cymru are working together to encourage communities across Wales to understand the importance of learning CPR ( Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and using a defibrillator.

Every year, in Wales, over 6,000 people will have a cardiac arrest and at least 80% will happen in the home. Currently less than 5% will survive a cardiac arrest if it happens in the community.

There is no telling who will be next and it can happen suddenly to anyone at any age.

Save a Life Cymru’s mission is to equip the people of Wales with lifesaving CPR and defibrillation skills to help reduce the number of people who die as a result of a cardiac arrest. We can only achieve this if we all work together.

Save a Life Cymru - Touch Someone's Life Poster

Save a Life Cymru - Touch Someone's Life Training Video

Please follow them on, Twitter: @savealifecymru and Facebook: @achubbywydcymru

Their website is: www.gov.wales/savealifecymru

  • They phone you to tell you about fraudulent activity on your bank card, but then start asking you for personal information or even your PIN to verify who you are.
  • They may try to offer you peace of mind by having someone pick up your bank card from you to save you the trouble of having to go to your bank or local police station (Courier).
  • These callers are criminals who will try gain your trust by making you think they are police officers.
  • Do not engage in conversation with them.
  • Do not allow them to arrange collection of bank cards.
  • Put the phone down.
  • Block the number they called from.
  • Tell your friends and neighbours about this scam.
  • Report it to your local police force by contacting them via their online webpage or 101.

The Welsh Government has launched a new scheme to help tenants struggling with rent arrears, and those who may also struggle to pay future months’ rent as a result of coronavirus.

The scheme is the only one of its kind in the UK, and offers cheap loans (1% APR) to cover rent arrears, or future months’ rent, reducing the risk of eviction and homelessness.

The money is paid directly to landlords or agents and will need to be repaid over a period of up to 5 years.

Once a tenant has applied for the loan they will be able to access support and advice services to help them manage their financial situation.

You can apply on the Apply for a loan to help pay your rent arrears due to coronavirus page on the Welsh Government website.

For more information visit the Scheme to help tenants affected by coronavirus launches in Wales press release on the Welsh Government website.

Does your community have difficulty in accessing high speed broadband? If so, residents and businesses could be entitled to a broadband upgrade.

Welsh Government recently announced it has topped up the value of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme to those with less than 30Mbps.

The vouchers have doubled in value and those eligible can now claim £7,000 for a small to medium sized business and £3,000 for residential premises.

This scheme enables communities to work together to get better digital connectivity.

If you would like to read more please visit Carmarthenshire County Council's news item, More funding for better broadband in rural communities, or if you ​are interested in attending a webinar to discuss further please contact your area team representative.

A new website has been launched by UK Government for you to register your interest for better broadband in your area. We would appreciate if you could register on the website and encourage your community to do the same.

Community Speed Watch Group

Volunteers needed to set up a Community Speed Watch group - Training will be provided.

Community Speed Watch Group