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Llanybydder Carnival 2019 - It's a Knockout

Llanybydder Its A Knockout 1 Llanybydder Its A Knockout 2 Llanybydder Its A Knockout 3 Llanybydder Its A Knockout 4 Llanybydder Its A Knockout 5 Llanybydder Its A Knockout 6

Credit: Mr Andrew Morgan - link to more photos available on his Facebook page or by clicking on one of the photos above.

Llanybydder Carnival 2019

Carnival Float 3 Legged Race Winners Bingo Night Quiz Winners Car Treasure Hunt Winners Walking Treausre Hunt Winners

Horse Statue Unveiling

Horse Statue Unveiling 4 Horse Statue Unveiling 3 Horse Statue Unveiling 1 Horse Statue Unveiling 2 Horse Statue Unveiling 5 Horse Statue Unveiling 6

Llanybydder horse statue built by Alan Davies from Llanybydder.

The unveiling of the horse statue was filmed by Heno, visit their Facebook page for the video.

Christmas Lights 2019

Christmas Lights 7 Christmas Lights 1 Christmas Lights 2 Christmas Lights 3 Christmas Lights 4 Christmas Lights 5 Christmas Lights 6

Storm Dennis 2020

Storm Dennis 1 Storm Dennis 2 Storm Dennis 3